Treatments with Machines

Heat is used to create engorgement, aiming foremost at the

Presso therapy is a method which accelerates the lymphatic congestion

Body Treatment with the New Latest Generation Machine Genesis for

It is a non-invasive suction treatment which helps the lymphatic

The RF method is yet another non-invasive method ideal for

Latest technology for instant, permanent fat burning. The cavitation method

Mesotherapy Dermapen is the expert direct transdermal technology (micro-needling) which

The LipoLaser utilizes the low level/cold laser  technology to  reduce

Advantages –  Compressor free with an electromagnetic generator Equiped with cooling

1. Operation of five probes simultaneously. Our new 3D Cryolipoisis

The most modern machine for body – biometric analysis and

Cryolipolysis was developed in experimental laboratories of America and in

Active oxygen treatment is a gentle and painless procedure which