4 Head Cryolipolysis Plus

1. Operation of five probes simultaneously.

Our new 3D Cryolipoisis machine offers a system which can operate on four treatment areas simultaneously reducing, significantly, the treatment time per customer and with less session.

  •  FOUR hand-pieces work together, at the same time improve treatment effectively.
  • With unique soft silicone hand-pieces contact cooling is safe and more efficient, 0 frostbite risks.
  •  Unique MASSAGE technology, more comfortable
2. Complete cycle of treatment

The treatment is performed with a complete cycle of preparation and execution of the treatment.

 Hyperthermia function, ie the heating of the treatment area at temperatures of around 42 C (Celsius) to increase blood circulation, is included in this therapy. Then temperatures of around -5C are applied gradually and depending on the thickness of the (dermatopychis.)

3.      Tracking application parameters in real time

It is possible to monitor the treatment parameters (temperature – suction) in real time on the screen of the device or on the embedded application heads LCD screens. Thus the operator knows the treatment parameters at any one given time.

4Safety measures according to the U.S. FDA

The system has four important security features that were required by the standards of the U.S. FDA. It includes a heart rate sensor of the person being treated, whose particulars appear on the main screen of the machine. There is also an emergency stop button which can be pressed by the individual being treated.

5Applicators for all sizes and areas of treatment

The machine has four therapy probes of different sizes. Probe sizes of 150 and 200 for normal treatment around the abdomen, size100 adductor for hands and cheeks and finally, there is the unique size 300 for the treatment of the abdomen in overweight or obese individuals with folds of skin, more than 50 mm in thickness.