Radio Frequency (RF)

The RF method is yet another non-invasive method ideal for every skin type and every time period, as it does not cause photosensitivity such as laser treatments. The quadrupole RF combines unipolar and three polar radio frequencies, the action of which reaches into the skin with impressive firming and lifting results from the first session, deeper than any other device of this type.

The RF triggers the fibroblasts and help:

  • to the production of collagen
  • to the production of elastin

to strengthen the connective tissue (with the same result as of surgical lifting).

RF causes heating of chorion tissue and of the fat cells. This heat activates the fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin and to achieve recovery of the inner cell environment, with a consequence of immediate tightening of the skin.

We reach then to asignificantly visible result, for a skin that is:

  • smooth
  • radiant
  • bright and

a much more youthful look.