Thalassotherapy is a spa treatment based on algae. Algae concentrate all the properties of the sea and for that reason up until nowadays a lot has been said about their importance as a therapeutic instrument to tackle the various health disorders and aesthetic problems. The action of algae is based on the phenomenon of osmosis created between the body and salt water. Scientific studies have presented similarity between the metal composition of seawater and the composition of fluids in the human body (lymph, blood plasma).

  • Act against spotted storaged fat.
  • Increase the body temperature by activating blood circulation.
  • Achieve the metabolism of the body cells.
  • Remove fat.
  • Create perspiration and this way the body retnetion is removed.
  • Detox the body of various toxins through accelerating osmotic cell exchanges.
  • Reform the tissues due to collagen production.
  • Moisturize the body.
  • Cause relaxation and tranquility.