Reflexology (Foot Massage)

The Foot Spa and foot massage go way back in time in China, based on a combination of the two legs with herbs and massage therapy. “The legs are the foundation of the human body, healthy feet, healthier body”.

There is a close connection between our feet and our body. Feet are to people, what the root is for the tree, if the root dries out, then the tree dies. Elder people tend to experience feet problems.

The impact on human health through the hygiene of the feet had been recognized and researched by the ancient fa long time ago.

There are many blood vessels in our feet, and that is why specialized doctors call them “the second heart”. The frequent massage of the feet, fights the numbness in feet ,and the impossibility of taking action, cold feet, etc.  and the immune function of our body will improve. Foot massage can activate the immune system and combat insomnia. It prevents high blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes too. Also, it can prevent catching and transmit a cold, fights heatstroke, and relieves fatigue, and makes people feel better. It also contributes to beauty and weight loss.