The months of pregnancy are undoubtedly the most intense periods in a woman’s life. All her existence internally and externally, adapts to the childbearing. Changes occur both in the body and in the psyche of pregnant woman so that she can bring in the world a new life, they are is big and many times create inconvenience.

Pregnancy massage is aimed to relieve all these symptoms and to make the beautify process both for the mother and for the fetus. It allows the pregnant woman’s body to relax and get rid of tension while at the same time it gives an emotional relief. Furthermore it gives the woman a deep sense of care, tenderness and security, which has a direct impact on the fetus.

Pregnancy massage is recommended during pregnancy and postpartum to relieve the mother from the stress and fatigue that accompany new responsibilities. The feeling of relaxation that results leaves the woman in an even greater contact and spiritual connection with her baby. It is a beneficial type of massage with amazing results for both.