Photo Epilation IPL (4th generation)

It is a procedure of permanent, harmless hair removal and without any pain whatsoever. The I.P.L technology  (Intense Pulsed Light) is a highly effective hair removal method which is based on the degradation of the hair cavity, in other words it degrades the cells which produce the hair. This is achieved by injecting pulse energy in the form of filtered light energy absorbed selectively by the melanin of the hair, converted into heat energy and through this it reaches the cavity and degrades it permanently.

The machine features a cooled head, which protects the skin completely. The multi pulsar technology of IPL covers the whole range of cases even light fair hair as well as darker skin, adjustable according to the color of your skin, the size and the color of your hair. It can be applied even in summer months and is suitable for all types of skins.

I. P. L. Photo Epilation  4 th generation 2012 ,gives you the opportunity to see results that can be described as:

  • spectacular
  • fast
  • completely painless

permanent and at the same time visible from the first sessions.