Intelligent skin

Intelligent skin using the latest research probe detector lens technology digitally   processed a skin of the image processing system, it has a unique ability, can into the eye three points, can see the pigment and skin skin health status, and as the change of time to measure and monitor these changes, it can help you to understand the aging of the  skin of a few big problem: skin oil share content, water content, pore status, wrinkles,

skin pigment in the spot and distribution, and the sunlight damage condition, can also be  used to track the progress of the treatment, even the smallest of change, it also can be  used to display, give you the confidence to treat and direction.

It is a interface aesthetics. Appearance of high-grade, practical function overall inspection equipment, it’s eight analysis module can be accurate analysis of oil out of the skin, skin moisture, pore size, elastic, skin sensitivity, lead, mercury content, the change of collagen fibers, the more amazing is all skin can use real image 3 D reduction technology recreate skin stereo 3 D images, and can be arbitrary Angle to analyze observation, illustrated comprehensive report will all test results in digital form the percentage of the present to the customer, let the customer is very clear, intuitive understanding of analysis results and the skin of the test really status, the system can also measure out according to the result of the corresponding automatic matching of the products, and also in the background set new products promotion.