Full Body Relaxation massage with Aromatic Essential Oils

In recent years essential oils have been drastically included in aesthetics. Essential oils can be used as they are for body massage, but also as a hydrating therapy, of glare and stimulation of the face skin.Relaxing Massage for Women and Men lasting 60 minutes accompanied by Relaxing Music to Effectively get rid of Stress and Fatigue from your Life. Experience the ultimate relaxation experience with the aroma of essential oils, in a private area, you can go by yourself or with a loved one to enjoy this unique experience of wellness and relaxation

The essential oils are part of the so-called stimulating substances, which:

  • stimulate the body
  • help the body’s defense, increasing the action of the immune system
  • contribute to the regeneration of the skin cells.

Finally, the oils due to the the property they have to penetrate the skin and combined with hand massage accompanying the treatment help fat burning and the treatment of cellulite.