Treatments with Machines

Active Oxygen (Body)

Active oxygen treatment is a gentle and painless procedure which combines the beneficial effects of oxygen for deep layers of the skin.

For the best result, Overline produces a variety range of products!

New 5 head Cryolipolysis plus

Cryolipolysis was developed in experimental laboratories of America and in 2010 received a license of application to humans by the American FDA. Cryolipolysis is a second generation system, which unlike the first generation machines has more advanced security systems and temperature range in accordance with the approved FDA limits +15 to -9 degrees Celsius.

Diagnostic biometric analysis machine

The most modern machine for body – biometric analysis and monitoring of the progress of the programs. It aims in two different areas, body fat measurement and skin analysis. This diagnostic machine utilizes the human body’s characteristic of bioelectric empedance, and through this identifies and analyzes various body indicators.

4 Head Cryolipolysis Plus

Our new 3D Cryolipoisis machine offers a system which can operate on four treatment areas simultaneously reducing, significantly, the treatment time per customer and with less session.

  • FOUR hand-pieces work together, at the same time improve treatment effectively.
  • With unique soft silicone hand-pieces contact cooling is safe and more efficient, 0 frostbite risks.
  • Unique MASSAGE technology, more comfortable
iShock Pro


–  Compressor free with an electromagnetic generator Equiped with cooling flow sensor system

–  Ergonomics handpiece design

–  Energy levels from 60 to 180 mJ (equivalent 1-5 bar) Complete Non-invasive

–  Complete Non-invasive

Lipo Laser

The LipoLaser utilizes the low level/cold laser  technology to  reduce girth and spot fat over almost  all areas of the body  without surgery, downtime or  redness. A typical treatment waistline can reduce  an individual b ½ to ¾ of an inch while  a full  protocol of eight treatments usually results in  multiple  inch loss.

DERMAPEN (Mesotherapy)

Mesotherapy Dermapen is the expert direct transdermal technology (micro-needling) which uses multiple pins that penetrate downwards on the skin with an operation of mechanized vibration. As the head moves over the surface of the skin creates pinholes on the skin and stimulates the natural production of collagen


Latest technology for instant, permanent fat burning. The cavitation method acts on the adipose tissue by creating small areas of vacuum inside the fat cells and as a result they rupture the cell’s membrane. So lipolysis is achieved with a quick and painless manner. The results are immediately visible, since after the end of each session there is a reduction of up to 2cm, from the area of the body where the treatment is applied.

Radio Frequency (RF)

The RF method is yet another non-invasive method ideal for every skin type and every time period, as it does not cause photosensitivity such as laser treatments. The quadrupole RF combines unipolar and three polar radio frequencies, the action of which reaches into the skin with impressive firming and lifting results from the first session, deeper than any other device of this type.


It is a non-invasive suction treatment which helps the lymphatic massage to stimulate blood circulation and to expel all unnecessary toxins from the body which create edema – retention – cellulitis

Body Treatment with the New Latest Generation Machine..

Genesis is the only device in the market offering electronic aerobics music with four music genres such as: POP, ROCK, RNB, BALADS. All you have to do is lie back on the bed, the therapist will put the pads on your body, he will choose the music you love and …. you will enjoy your aerobics workout.

Presso therapy

Presso therapy is a method which accelerates the lymphatic congestion and lymphatic drainage, which gives us the opportunity to cast off any excess fat and toxins. It is a medical technology machine and consists of 8 air tunnel zones. Through a microprocessor pressure is sent to various muscle groups, gradually during the treatment, so that we have a lymph hand massage result, in conjunction with the stimulation of the circulatory system.

Therm therapy

Heat is used to create engorgement, aiming foremost at the division of fat cells, the increase of blood flow and the oxygenation of tissues, leading to weight and cm loss. Thermal treatments also contribute significantly to the increase of metabolism. It has been estimated that for every degree Celsius rising in our body temperature, the basic metabolism is increased by 14%. Thermal treatments are applied throughout the body or locally depending on where the problem is located.

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