New Super Hair Removal (SHR)

Get rid once and for all by the hair with Super Hair Removal (SHR) in MediChic Center!

Latest technology in hair removal systems ! Painless , fast and highly effective in fewer sessions than ever

Photo Epilation IPL

It is a procedure of permanent, harmless hair removal and without any pain whatsoever. The I.P.L technology  (Intense Pulsed Light) is a highly effective hair removal method which is based on the degradation of the hair cavity, in other words it degrades the cells which produce the hair.


–   Εverlasting Ηair Removal

The unwanted hair under arms, legs, lips, or other body parts.

–   Skin Rejuvenation

Shrink pores, tighten skin, improve skin elasticity and glossiness.

Waxing with Wax - Honey

It is being applied under strict rules of hygiene, by aestheticians, graduates, who are familiar with all the waxing techniques, the anatomy and the specific nature of each skin.

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