Treatments with Products Combined with Machines


It is designed to add a clarifying effect to the anti-aging effect and is used to unify the skin tones in those cases with pigmentation differences.

Coolifting grows up. Coolifting CoolClear has arrived as a new vial to complement the system that revolutionizes the aesthetics market.

Celluma (LED) Light Therapy

CELLUMA In just minutes a day, you can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while experiencing an improvement in skin texture, quality and smoothness. Using wavelengths that are scientifically proven to stimulate fibroblasts to increase collagen and elastin, Celluma’s low-level light therapy is a safe, effective and convenient way to achieve a healthy, youthful glow in a natural, non-toxic, non-invasive manner.

Pure Gold Facial Treatment

A treatment with pure 24 carat gold used for centuries as the secret to youthful skin. Historians have proven that Cleopatra slept with gold mask every night to maintain youthful skin.

Facial treatment with pearl

Combines brilliance with anti-aging! Includes materials and techniques that will leave your skin completely rejuvenated. With  facial massage, and eye, lymphatic drainage facial and includes pearl proteins and enzymes that make your skin really show new. The facial treatment with flash pearl stimulates cellular renewal and the skin becomes shiny and youthful in the most delightful way.


New beauty treatment series

Froze time with American production company cosmetic compounds Picture! More youthful skin ever!

Signature Face Lift

Signature facelift is a revolutionary facial treatment offering really impressive results in dehydrated, dry and tired skins.This treatment is ideal for smokers, (for) people suffering with Acne Rosacea and for sensitive skins.

Thalgo Infusion Marine

The cosmetic therapy Infusion Marine is enriched with hyaluronic acid  combining the deep hydrating effect of the sea water with blue seaweed and the detoxing effect of microelements and sea solts, increases the levels of hydration. It is a true hydrating elixir for the skin, as it hydrates it in depth, but also tones and restores the natural glow.


Signature Face Lift

An effective treatment that will change the image of your skin in just one session. Vitamin C, alpha and beta hydroxy acids and other enzymes gently but effectively accelerate the cell cycle, create tension and whitening. Suitable for all skin types.


Latest developments in antiaging. It supports the natural defense mechanisms of the skin and repairs the damage cells . It offers unsurpassed preventive measures to the effects of aging, with a unique blend of stem cells helping the skin to become more resistant. Specially formulated with pure, active ingredients that provide protection at the cellular level by nutritional imbalance, oxidative stress and damage rays UV. Improves even DNA.


Skin Care for Acne

A highly effective skin care line which fights acne, reduces inflammation, eliminate excess oil and purify the skin.


Cosmetic skin treatment with vitamin C that immediately minimizes and soothes the visible effects of the destroyed skin . Vitamins A, C ,E and contains as well  antioxidants that moisturizers the skin and creates a more healthy and shiny look.


An effective therapy that prevents aging signs. Care products contain mixtures of AHA, retinol, bleaching agents and antioxidants. Suitable for preventing and treating the signs of aging, improve discoloration and skin texture.


Treatment with organic ingredients which combines the latest techniques in medical skin care. Helps to restore the skin balance for a stunning look and a moisturized feeling It is effective for all skin types.


The No1 star treatment in America, now exclusively in Medichic Center.

A revolutionary facial treatment with products that change texture and impress. Refreshing oxygen and plant stem cells, peptides and highly concentrated enzyme extracts of herbs , for freshness , renewal and unique shine.

Phytopeeling Therapy

Application protocol for exfoliating treatment of chemical peeling to institute exclusively herbal (dried sea plants Spogilla, Fragilis and Ephydatia are offered without any processing into fine dust). The Phytopeeling Therapy achieves strong exfoliating in anti-aging, regeneration, acne marks, stains – freckle, dyschromia treatments.

Neck Therapy

Specialized tightening institute treatment for the skin of the neck. It tightens the skin, softens wrinkles and refreshes the skin.

Caviar Eye Therapy

Anti-aging tightening eye treatment with caviar. It smooths out the wrinkles, tightens the skin and deals with edematous tissue and black circles around the sensitive area of the eyes.

Aging Regulator Therapy

Treatment for biological adjustment of youth with the ‘decleansing’ mechanism of cells. It offers an immediate result of shining and youthful skin.

Whitening Therapy

Whitening institute treatment with safe for the skin ingredients. It effectively deals with skin dyschromia.

Chocolate Therapy

Treatment of the senses which offers wellness and skin health. Treatment institute recommended for sensitive, tired and dull skin.

Proteinous Therapy

Strong treatment of alternative lifting at the Institute based on proteins. It boosts the skin, restores the youthful appearance of the skin.

Acne Therapy

Efficient, fast and reliable acne treatment. It postpones the action of the bacteria causing acne. It has a strong germicidal action and helps to absorb inflammations and irritations.

Chronos Therapy

Institute therapy alternative to anti-aging injected substances.

Opsis Therapy

Institute therapy alternative to blepharoplasty .

Thavma Therapy

Institute therapy alternative to Botox .

Oily Hydra Therapy

Institute therapy that deals with hydration problems and is recommended for oily asphyxic skins. It prevents dehydration and irritation

Caviar Therapy

The absolute anti-aging and tightening treatment with Salmo Ovum caviar and OH3 and OH6 fatty acids.

The caviar rich in proteins, vitamins, amino acids and trace elements strengthens the skin with the essential components needed to maintain the integrity of its cells.

Hyalouronic Therapy

Institute therapy that deals with hydration problems and is recommended for oily asphyxic skins. It prevents dehydration and irritation

Every Day Therapy

Facial treatment with moisturizing and soothing elements for all skin types.

Vitamin C Therapy

Antioxidant treatment that strengthens the defense system of the skin. It protects against the action of free roots and deals with environmental and biological aging and stains.

  • It offers the skin the vitamins that contribute to the preservation of youthfulness.
  • It wakens up the skin, brightens, rejuvenates and offers beauty and youthful appearance.
  • It restores the vitality of the skin and stimulates all its functions.
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