Treatments with Machines

Active Oxygen (Face)

Active oxygen treatment is a gentle and painless procedure which combines the beneficial effects of oxygen for deep layers of the skin.

For the best result, Overline produces a variety range of products!

Intelligent Skin Control

Intelligent skin using the latest research probe detector lens technology digitally   processed a skin of the image processing system, it has a unique ability, can into the eye three points, can see the pigment and skin skin health status, and as the change of time to measure and monitor these changes..


Trimming treatment through muscle stimulation, machine treatment. This particular treatment works especially well for the muscles around the eyes, enhances the micro blood circulation, tones and tightens the skin. The fine lines will be gone by the end of the first treatment session, the little wrinkles smoothens and Your eyes look visibly younger

Thalgo Eye Massage Mask

Specialized treatment for the eyes’ area. It combines the  “Eye Massage  Mask”, in which pressures for lymphatic and  vibration massage happen for  greater penetration of  crèmes in lower skin layers, and products according  to everyone’s needs.It aids with black circles and swellings,  as well as  wrinkles, regeneration and firming.


Thalgo I BEAUTY device is a new generation beauty device combining three    innovative,    proven, non-invasive, non-aggressive and completely safe technologies  for instant facial  results:


Skin trimming machine treatment for the face and neck which smoothens the fine and deep lines visibly, rises and fills the wrinkles, sculpts the outlines of the face and tightens the skin. Special attention will be given to the eye area. Treatment starts by activating the micro blood circulation and getting rid of the toxins. The second phase incudes the stimulation of nerves and as a result it “trains” the muscles restoring their vitality and tightening the skin. Treatment ends with a relaxing ethereal oil massage followed by a mask and creams. As a result You will have a trimmed skin, smoothed out wrinkles, “open” eyes and visibly toned skin.

DERMAPEN (Mesotherapy)

Mesotherapy Dermapen is the expert direct transdermal technology (micro-needling) which uses multiple pins that penetrate downwards on the skin with an operation of mechanized vibration . As the head moves over the surface of the skin creates pinholes on the skin and stimulates the natural production of collagen..


Yet another innovation adopted by the Medichic Center in the area of facial care. The innovative Hydradermabrasion is recommended for the use of the different heads with a layer of diamond and at the same time, the power of water moisturizes and exfoliates the dead cells.


The process of aging causes modifications in collagen that changes in quantity and quality. The electromagnetic waves the RF sends to the skin activate the mechanism of denatured collagen.


The action of ultrasonic waves is converted into heat and chemical energy on the tissue giving results such as:

  • activation of the lymph and metabolism
  • regeneration – renewal of skin
Diamond Therapy

It is the most innovative therapy the field of Dermabrasion has to show offering significant change in the skin’s appearance and texture with the most natural and skin-friendly way.

It is suitable for those who are looking for an alternative to the interventionist procedures and want perfect and immediate results in problems of:

Deep Facial Cleansing

The excessive smegma secretion creates the, known to all of us, black spots located in almost all areas of the face. In our skin pollutants from the environment and other toxic substances from the interior of the cells are accumulated. This results to the obstruction of the skin pores which can no longer be oxygenated and moisturized correctly. So it is an essential procedure to open up the pores. The cleaning aims exactly at that. With the help of steam, suitable cosmetic products but also with the correct handling by an experienced and professional aesthetic, the pores are being opened up, the skin breathes and the correct penetration of moisturizing, tightening and restoration skin products is achieved.

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