Hot Stones Massage

Hot Stones Massage provides a very healing and effective experience.The Hot Stones also expand blood vessels,which encourages blood flow throughout the body. The Hot Stones have a sedative effect that can relieve chronic pain,reduce stress and promote deep relaxation.

Full Body Relaxation massage

In recent years essential oils have been drastically included in aesthetics. Essential oils can be used as they are for body massage, but also as a hydrating therapy, of glare and stimulation of the face skin.Relaxing Massage for Women and Men lasting 60 minutes accompanied..

Couple Full Body Relaxation Massage

Aromatherapy massage for 2 persons. Experience the ultimate relaxation experience with the aroma of essential oils, in a private area with harmony melody with a loved one to enjoy this unique experience of wellness and relaxation!


DEEP TISSUE massage is a deep and powerful massage. The tension is gradually increasing and consists of strong and slow movements that act deep inside the muscles, relax and dehumanize them. DEEP TISSUE massage releases muscle pain by activating blood circulation.

It focuses on relaxation and realigning the deeper layers of the muscles and connective tissue. It is particularly useful for long-term aches and pains as well as chronic conditions such as neck and back stiffness, back pain, muscle stiffness, tight shoulders.”

Holistic therapy for body and face

Massage inspired by the rituals of Southeast Asia with aromatic pouches soaked in a cocktail of spices and herbs. A one of a kind experience of relaxation and escape from stress. A true journey to aromatic waves of rare thermal plants from distant continents. A very effective treatment for detoxification, action against retention, a thrilling experience of regeneration, stimulation and euphoria.

Massage with seashells

It sounds a little odd, but massage with seashells which began relatively recently in Great Britain, has already won many fans thanks to its excellent results

The bottom of the sea has always been a world filled with secrets. A source of beauty. Scientists speculate that at the bottom of sea remain hidden thousands of mysterious substances that are the key to beauty, care and eternity.

Athletic massage

Massage improves blood circulation as well as the flow of lymphatic fluids. It reduces heartrate and blood pressure, helps discharge metabolic waste products and lactic acid, stimulates neural ends, increases or reduces muscle tone, accordingly, reforms traumatised tissues and aids in the psychological preparation of the athlete.

Candle Massage

In a peaceful perfumed atmosphere, the massage with warm candles creates a unique experience. The fine creamy hot wax flows onto the body nurturing the skin in depth, while a combination of massage, stretching, subtle pressures and large consecutive movements, relax the muscles, stimulate the blood circulation, helping the body get rid of all the tension and invite you to an enjoyable escape of the senses.

Reflexology (Foot Massage)

The Foot Spa and foot massage go way back in time in China, based on a combination of the two legs with herbs and massage therapy. “The legs are the foundation of the human body, healthy feet, healthier body”.

There is a close connection between our feet and our body. Feet are to people, what the root is for the tree, if the root dries out, then the tree dies. Elder people tend to experience feet problems.


Even older children love this kind of physical affection!

Physical contact not only promotes their healthy physical development but also enhances the child’s emotional stability.

Typical developmental problems, such as trouble sleeping, can be improved by massage.

The child learns to perceive his body and how to relax as well!


The months of pregnancy are undoubtedly the most intense periods in a woman’s life. All her existence internally and externally, adapts to the childbearing. Changes occur both in the body and in the psyche of pregnant woman so that she can bring in the world a new life, they are is big and many times create inconvenience..


Whole body scrub with different types of peeling such as:

  • With salts from the Dead Sea
  • With Almond grains
  • With a moisturizing peeling (it is removed with its own serum which dispels the grains of salts)
Bachelors or Bachelorette Spa Day

The bachelors or bachelorette party undoubtedly ranks among the most special days of any couple’s life. It is a festive day which marks in the best way the end of single life hanging out with loved ones. Medichic Center offers the most creative idea for a real memorable bachelorette party – a unique Spa Day..

Mud Therapy

More and more people try out the mud treatment, as the modern “medicine”, which not only helps with body pains, but also offers youthful skin. The mud therapy as a feeling is wonderful. A combination of tender touch, massage, scrubs, wrap, and all this with a toggle of various mud products on us for a full treatment.

Chocolate Therapy

Chocolate therapy is a body treatment highly enjoyable that aids weight loss, tightness of the skin and the deep hydration of the body, with the distinctive seductive chocolate aroma. Its basis is natural cocoa which is proven to have anti-cellulite action and in combination with its other ingredients, appropriate for body care, provides an evident more firm and boosted skin.


Thalassotherapy is a spa treatment based on algae. Algae concentrate all the properties of the sea and for that reason up until nowadays a lot has been said about their importance as a therapeutic instrument to tackle the various health disorders and aesthetic problems.


Skin looseness is a problem that troubles a large percentage of men and women. Many confuse muscular with skin looseness and turn to gyms, believing that by strengthening the muscles they will also restore skin looseness. The skin is not composed of muscles but of collagen and elastin fibers, that keep it firm and young. With the passage of time or with the change in weight, these fibers stretch and their elasticity is reduced, resulting in skin looseness.

Celluslim Therapy

Celluslim is a body treatment suitable for treating cellulite and local thickness. The products that make up the application are rich in active substances that activate the process of lipolysis and help reduce cellulite. The skin becomes smoother and the body regains its shape.


New revolutionary treatment to combat skin relaxation at the cellular level. It strengthens the collagen fibers and reduces the volume of the cells and the underlying tissue. Clinical studies by plastic surgeons have shown firmer skin with a smooth, hydrated surface.

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