Athletic massage

Athletic massage

Massage improves blood circulation as well as the flow of lymphatic fluids. It reduces heartrate and blood pressure, helps discharge metabolic waste products and lactic acid, stimulates neural ends, increases or reduces muscle tone, accordingly, reforms traumatised tissues and aids in the psychological preparation of the athlete.

Massage is useful through out the process / stages of preparing and conducting a game:


• During the phase of training, massage is used for better restoration and for preparing our body to accept / be able to cope with the next intense workout, while it contributes to the prevention of injuries and muscle fatigue.

• During the warm-up stage, before the game, muscular perfusion is enhanced, muscle tone is increased and neural ends are stimulated.

• After the end of the game and following the necessary recovery, massage is used for reducing lactic acid build up in the muscles, quickly. It also achieves immediate recovery and reinstates elasticity.

By applying the massage technique on a muscle, we manage to accelerate the restoration process. Application is made on the overworked muscle, aiming at recovering muscle fibres and restoring them to their initial condition; that of the resting stage.


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